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Master Floral Artisan


MASTER FLORAL ARTISAN Programme Aims & Objectives ​ Master’s class focusses on large format pieces from around the world, learning exceptional skills and concepts at an intense level to be certified as Master Floral Artisan. ​ Attending our Master's Course will give you the confidence and skills to design like a pro! Mastering this provides endless possibilities for crafting gratifying floral designs around the world. In addition, the course aims to develop the analytical and personal skills necessary for you to work in a specialised floristry position or to start up your own professional floristry studio. Programme Modules​ Traditional Design Natural Design Linear Design Experimental Design ​ Course Curriculum Duration: 2-3 Hrs each session No of Lessons: 16 Sessions Timing: (10am-1pm), (2pm-5pm) Days: Monday - Friday Awarded​ by: Tropifame Floral Design School Pte Ltd

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