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Principles and Elements of Floral Art


PRINCIPLES AND ELEMENTS OF FLORAL ART Programme Aims & Objectives ​ This course is outlined to equip the student with the principles and elements of floral design. The elements of design include line, colour, form, space, pattern, fragrance, size and texture. The principles of design include balance, dominance, rhythm, proportion, contrast, harmony and unity. ​ Through this course, it will help the student to develop sensitivity for design and its uses as a positive environmental element. Mastering this provides boundless possibilities for creating gratifying floral designs. In addition, the course aims to develop the analytical and personal skills necessary for you to work in a specialised floristry environment or to start up your own floristry studio. Programme Modules​ Floral Art drawing In-depth to principle and elements Analyze and critique floral designs Flower arrangement accordance to P&E ​ ​ Course Curriculum Duration: 2-3 Hrs each session No of Lessons: 14 Sessions Timing: (10am-1pm), (2pm-5pm) Days: Monday - Friday Awarded​ by: Tropifame Floral Design School Pte Ltd

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