Refund Policy

Applicable to all SSG Approved Courses 

(w.e.f 1st July 2021) 

Refund Policy

Applicable to all TFDS courses

- Registration Fees and Miscellaneous fees are non-refundable. 

- A written notice must be submitted and received by TFDS 3 weeks before the commence of course. 

- If the event that trainee has started the course and wishes to withdraw, a written notice is to be submitted.
1. Paid fees will not be refunded. 
2. Trainee is to pay the balance course amount.

- In the event that course is cancelled or postpone, TFDS will send a notification to participants and paid fees will be refunded. 

- Course schedule is subjected to confirmation. TFDS reserve the rights to cancel or postpone.

- Refund will be made via School's cheque or Bank Transfer with a processing time of 2 weeks upon approval. 
- All TFDS course fee (including registration & tools fee) are non-refundable at all times. 

- In the event that extension of course is needed, a discussion and agreement will be done by the Principal on a case by case basis.