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$1,200 (Full Fee) - SFC eligible

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Course Referrence

TGS- 2021008806

Funding Validity Period

Till 28th September 2023

Course Duration

40 Hours

Mode of Training

Classroom, Synchronous & Asynchronous e-learning

Course Description

This course is carefully designed to prepare students for careers in the floral design industry. At the peak of the course, students will have the skills, techniques and design knowledge to work in any flower shop or start up their own floral studio.

Flower Shop


SSG offers up to 90% subsidies for these course fees.


  • Singaporean and PR

  • Commitment to achieve min 75% of attendance 

How do I register?


  1. Check for available course dates and
    confirm actual fees    

  2. Contact us for registration form (online)

  3. Fill in registration form with
    NRIC attached (uploaded)

  4. We will contact you for confirmation and payment details

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